c Plasma Group

Plasma Group

launch your own plasma chain send your first plasma transaction

Join the network of plasma chains.

Comes standard with a command line wallet, a client, and a block explorer.

Get Involved

Contribute to the testnet.

Whether you're a beginner, a long-time plasma researcher, or something in between, we have plenty of fun and valuable projects and issues that you can contribute to. We welcome anybody to take a tour through what's been built so far and come up with ideas for improving, innovating, or requesting new features.


Browse through a list of outstanding issues that you can contribute to.

Deploy a Plasma Chain

Run a testnet operator and spin up your own plasma chain in one click.

Send a Transaction

Send your very first plasma chain transaction in a few easy steps.

Check the Explorer

View the transactions people are making right now.

Read the Docs

Read the documentation for our plasma chain design.