What's up with Rollup?

Learn about the scalability engine powering the UniPig trading game by Plasma Group and Uniswap.

Scaling what matters.

Enabling smart contracts and high TPS on layer 2!

Scalability affects everybody. Even if your specific app doesn’t need high TPS, there are other apps that exist which can clog the network and affect the experience for your users. But scaling Ethereum is a big hairy problem. How do you scale while preserving the security and decentralization guarantees of the main chain? Can you do it in a way that doesn’t clutter the UX for wallets that are daunted by the idea of integrating a bajillion scaling solutions? And how about ease of integration and development for developers?

We wanted to not only scale...but scale what matters. And for Ethereum, we think that means scaling smart contracts.

Optimistic Rollup makes this possible by enabling fully general smart contracts on L2, a solution which scales smart contracts as much as 100x. This is significantly less scale than Plasma, but far more general purpose, resembling the development experience of Ethereum today.

The hypothesis we’re testing at devcon is that scaling Solidity smart contracts 100x enables more use cases than, for instance, scaling payments 10,000x.

If you’re interested in seeing what Optimistic Rollup can do, play this game we developed together with Uniswap. If you have an application that you’re looking to scale, talk to us and request a demo.

We don’t want to develop scalability solutions in an academic silo. We want to hear your feedback, input, questions, concerns, and desires. We’re not your shrink but we’re here to lessen your woes as you prepare your team and your products for mass adoption. Find us at DEVCON